Hola from Mexico!

Happy February and “love month” from 7F! We cannot believe the first month has passed in 2016. There is much to look forward to with all the weddings and celebrations of love to come this year! We wanted to announce our cabin of the month is Mexico. We know many of you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with someone special and we’d love nothing more than to have you at 7F! Before I share what makes our cabin of the month so special I wanted to share with you some fun facts about Valentine’s Day.

1. It’s a holiday celebrated in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, and Mexico!

2. Aside from Christmas, it’s the second most popular holiday for cards to be sent averaging at 150 million a year.

3. A weekend getaway is the BEST way to spend your Valentine’s Day weekend (that’s a 7F fact)!

Let me share a little bit about Mexico with you and why you should spend a few days with us…

The cabin’s artistic bungalow look is the perfect cozy place for a weekend getaway.. The weeping plaster walls and latillo ceiling give it a feel unlike any of the other cabins.

M Kellett Sullys and Pavilion Oct 08 008

The head of the bed is made of a lion’s cage turned sideways to fit our queen size bed.

Mexico Feb Cabin

The unique wall art, Virgin of Guadalupe Shrine, and beautiful tile add the perfect Mexican feel with the convenience of being in College Station.

M Kellett Sullys and Pavilion Oct 08 004

And to top it all off the cabin has a kitchenette and a two person hot tub with a nice curtain for privacy.

M Kellett Sullys and Pavilion Oct 08 003


If you’re in need a getaway to celebrate love we hope you’ll choose to spend it here with us! The memories you make will be sweeter than chocolate covered strawberries and roses!

Happy “love month!” and remember Love Saves Lives.

~ Abi Albers