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Frequently Asked Questions

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How many guests can you accommodate?2023-01-25T21:11:06+00:00

We can accommodate up to 250 guests

Do you have any decorations on hand for couples to use? If so, can we also bring in our own decorations?2023-01-25T21:12:48+00:00

We have an a whole closet full of decorations and all of our couples have access!  It is forever growing and being added to. We encourage you to utilize the “Something Borrowed” decor.  But, you are not required to and you are welcome to bring in your decor in addition to ours.

We also always direct our couples to the local Wedding Association website if you are in need of any specific vendor contacts.

How many people can be seated inside the Pavilion area? And how many can be seated on the back deck?2023-01-25T21:27:37+00:00

80-100 guests can be seated inside the Pavilion Room. 100-150 can be seated on the Back Covered Deck and 40-50 on the Flagstone Patio.

Are there any overnight accommodations?2023-01-25T21:28:31+00:00

Yes! Not only are we a Wedding Venue but, we also have a full service Bed & Breakfast. We have 8 uniquely themed cottages scattered throughout our 14 acre property. Perfect for the couple to “Mini Moon” and for their closest family and friends to stay.

Is breakfast included?2023-01-25T21:29:19+00:00

Most definitely! While we are a Bed & Breakfast, we are not your typical one.  We have everything stocked for you in your cabin upon arrival.  A breakfast basket that is filled with fruit, cereal, coffee, a bagel, a cookie & a variety of snacks.  Your mini fridge will be stocked with sodas, milk, juice, yogurt and a pastry box that we bake here on site.  Enjoy our famous Brazos Muffin in your robe and on your private porch area with a cup of our special blended coffee!

Are we required to have a wedding planner/day of coordinator?2023-01-25T21:29:57+00:00

No! Most definitely not. We do encourage it though. We want you and your guests to enjoy the whole day with you. Let us take the extra stress away for you! Included in our weekend wedding packages is a Day of Coordinator with Amy at All Things Planned! We do not offer a reduction in price if you choose to bring in your own coordinator.

What is your alcohol/catering policy?2023-01-25T21:30:59+00:00

Alcohol: We do not permit self serving of alcohol at the Pavilion/Chapel area. If you plan to have alcohol at your event, you must use a licensed and insured Bartending Service. We’d be happy to arrange this for you.

Catering:  We want to make sure your special day goes perfectly! Which is why we have our own personalized catering menu just for our couples.  Not only is the food amazing but, it comes with impeccable service.

For the couple’s wedding exit, what items are not allowed?2023-01-25T21:31:37+00:00

We do not permit Fireworks of any kind (including Sparklers), Silk Rose Petals or Silk Leaves, Confetti or Rice. We try to be very green and friendly to our environment here. Bubbles, dried or fresh petals, or glow sticks work great! Ask us about our water soluble confetti cannon package!  Just added!

What if it rains? Is there a “Plan B”?2023-01-25T21:32:10+00:00

Yes! There are several options. Most of the time we can just wait a few minutes for the rain to pass. But if it happens to be a bad weather day, we can certainly relocate the wedding inside the Pavilion Room or on the Back Covered Deck.

Are you pet friendly?2023-01-25T21:32:54+00:00

Yes! Fur Babies are important to our families and are welcome to be in the wedding ceremony. We do ask that after the ceremony that someone takes the pet home. The reception has a lot going on and the pets tend to not enjoy this part of the evening.

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