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College Station Wedding Venue / Bed & Breakfast

7F Lodge & Events

The Wedding Experience

The Bed & Breakfast Experience

The owners of 7F Lodge standing in front of their Chapel for their 25th Anniversary dressed in hues of pastel colors and smiling at the camera - College Station Wedding Venue

7F Lodge & Events

Wedding Venue in College Station

7F Lodge a Wedding Venue in College Station and is a family owned and family run business, conveniently located in the Heart of Texas and situated perfectly between most of the major cities. For the last 25 years, the focus at 7F Lodge and Events has been creating an inviting and comfortable experience for you and your guests.

Whether you’re planning a wedding and want a place for all your family to celebrate your nuptials, or you’re staying in one of the uniquely themed cabins for a weekend getaway, when you join the 7F Family our desire is to be sure that you have the best time while you’re here with us. So that when you come back to visit us again to stay in a new cabin, you’ll experience a different world with the familiar feeling you had when you first came.

So, sit back and let us take you on our virtual tour of our property.

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Our Little White Chapel is the perfect venue in College Station for your wedding day. Whether you’re planning a large gathering or you’re opting for a more intimate experience, our covered pavilion is a great place to beat the heat, or stay warm during any weather event.

Bride and Groom walking down outdoor aisle with confetti hanging in the air as the groom looks fondly towards his new wife after their wedding ceremony and guests visibly clapping - College Station Wedding Venue 7F Lodge & Events
Interior photo of The France themed cabin adorned in French antiquities around a 4 post bed with a red floral printed Quilt covering the mattress - Wedding Venue in College Station 7F Lodge & Events

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Not just a local wedding venue in College Station, 7F Lodge’s charm as a bed and breakfast lies within it’s uniquely different cabins and ultimate privacy. If you’re wanting a weekday getaway from the hustle and bustle or coming to town to visit friends and watch the Aggie’s play, stay with us and let us pamper you.

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When you stay at 7F Lodge, we stock each cabin with unique and locally sourced products from other small businesses we trust.  Because we believe in these products so much, we partner with a few and offer them directly to you.