Embrace the Moment: Your Wedding Day is Here!

Wedding day

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The day you’ve dreamed of, meticulously planned, and anxiously awaited has finally arrived! Your wedding day is here, and it’s time to savor every moment. Here are some last-minute thoughts and words of wisdom as you step into this beautiful journey:

1. Breathe and Enjoy

Take a deep breath and soak in every moment. Your wedding day is a celebration of love, and it’s a time to cherish the beauty of your commitment. Don’t rush through the day; relish it.

2. Don’t Stress the Small Stuff

In the midst of the whirlwind, it’s easy to get caught up in the tiny details. Remember that minor imperfections are part of any event, including weddings. If something doesn’t go precisely as planned, don’t let it overshadow the significance of the day. The crooked tie or the late-arriving bouquet won’t define your wedding; your love and commitment will. Instead of fretting about the small stuff, focus on the joy, laughter, and shared moments. Your wedding day is an unrepeatable journey of love, so make the most of it by embracing each moment as it comes.

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3. Lean on Loved Ones

If you happen to forget something or encounter a last-minute challenge, don’t hesitate to delegate tasks to your family or closest friends. They’re there to support you and ensure your day goes smoothly.

Your wedding day is a collective effort, and you don’t have to go it alone. If you happen to forget something or if unexpected challenges arise, remember that your family and closest friends are there to support you. Delegate tasks to your trusted inner circle, as they are eager to ensure that your day proceeds seamlessly. Whether it’s adjusting the decor, handling logistical matters, or simply providing emotional support, your loved ones are your safety net. Their willingness to share in the responsibilities reflects the unity and love that your wedding represents.

4. Capture Every Moment

Your wedding day is a tapestry of memories waiting to be woven. Ensure you have a talented photographer and videographer on hand to capture every precious moment. From the teary-eyed exchange of vows to the exuberant celebration on the dance floor, these memories will last a lifetime. Take a moment to pose for photos with loved ones, both old and new. These snapshots will become treasured mementos of the day you said ‘I do.’

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As industry experts, we understand that every detail matters on your wedding day. We’re committed to providing you with a personalized approach and a seamless experience. Our goal is to make your day as stress-free and unforgettable as possible.

We have to agree that wedding planning is such a fun experience that you’ll never forget!

From touring venues to meeting with vendors and everything in-between, we are sure that you’ll have an absolute blast. 7F Lodge & Events is a rustic wedding venue located in College Station, TX. Our little white chapel is tucked away in the trees on the outskirts of Aggieland. Over the years we have been honored to have had the opportunity to host thousands of wedding celebrations over the last 26 years. We hope this wedding planning checklist will help you during the early stages.


Lastly, if you are engaged and still on the hunt for a dream wedding venue, we would absolutely love to show you around 7F Lodge. You will have the opportunity to see the event venue itself, our 8 uniquely themed cabins on property and the getting ready suites! To schedule a time that works best for you, request your tour HERE. If you have any questions about specific wedding packages or general availability/pricing, don’t hesitate to fill out the form linked HERE.  Someone from our team will be in touch! We hope you have an amazing and stress free wedding planning experience!

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