Add in those personal details that mean something to you and your significant other. Don’t worry “will it look weird?” Or “would it be ok if…?”

Make it your own! Highlighting these details help tell your love story!

1. Have someone you know and that knows your journey officiate the wedding.

Like an Uncle. All Heart Photography
Can’t decide? Have 2 people! Thomas Ross Photography

2. Bring in your own family or cultural traditions to the ceremony or the reception. (The Grand March, Communion, Unity Candle)

Grand March Dance Be Wild Photography
Communion All Heart Photography

3. Incorporate family members that are no longer here to celebrate by creating a memory table or adding in an heirloom to your bouquet/boutonnière.

Uncle Tio Photography
Be Wild Photography

4. Add personal touches for the wedding party and/or immediate family members. I have been on phentermine 3 weeks tomorrow and first thing I noticed is the energy burst

Jamie Hardin Photography

5. Have your Save The Dates or invitations custom created!

Beth Symons Fine Art


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