I’ve been so happy working at 7F Lodge for many reasons:  first, I LOVE social media and to get paid for it is like not working at all! (But I am working, promise!). Second, somehow the big man upstairs has always blessed me with a job where the people are friendly, hardworking and helpful and 7F Lodge is no different! And lastly, I get to see how a business is run from the inside. Getting real-world experience from entrepreneurs (other than my mother’s business) outside of the classroom is something I’ve been looking forward to since I can remember.

So with that said, this past weekend I was able to spend a day with Laura, the manager. I saw the “behind the scenes” of what she does during a day when 7F hosts a wedding. I came all dolled up because, well, it was a wedding day and who doesn’t like dressing up on occasion? I assumed we’d be helping with wedding stuff, or at least meet the bride. I was wrong.

I probably should have worn a t-shirt instead.

I arrived at 11 am and Laura had already been busy. We started by going through every cabin (remember, there are eight) and removing all linens to be washed. She showed me the checklist she uses and the one the employees use to clean the cabins. Now, I love checklists, they keep you in order and help you achieve a goal. But my checklists have never been as thorough as the one I saw. Every detail in the cabin had to be precisely how it was before the guest arrived. So, when a guest returns for a second time (and they so often do), they will find the cabin as wonderful to experience as the first time they came to 7F.

Not only did we check cabins, but in between that task Laura also needed to go back to the office constantly to return any call/emails that she had missed while gone. She also had to go back to the laundry area several times to check on the linens we previously gathered. We then made the welcome baskets that are found in each cabin upon arrival for the guests. I thought, “This won’t take long”, nope! Wrong again! Laura taught me how and where every item was set in the basket. My thought then changed to, “Dear God, this is going to take forever!” and it did. However, while I was helping, I realized that arranging the baskets was taking longer than usual because there was a lot of thought going into each basket made.

This “theme” follows the rest of the day; everything we did throughout the day was for a purpose. Not a purpose to “get stuff done” but to make the wedding as perfect as perfect gets. We checked things off the list, we arranged baskets with care, and even picked up trash along the path. Small trash, like gum wrapper that I didn’t even notice! But it was important that everything be in tip-top shape!

Luckily I can handle a little hard work. I didn’t mind it at all because it was about helping to make someone’s wedding experience flawless, and I can definitely admire that.


So, I like Laura. She showed me that having a job isn’t just about making money. It’s about making someone’s day just a little bit better. She made my day better! If you’ve been thinking about visiting 7F, you definitely should! I promise they KNOW how to treat a customer!