When I first started with 7F Lodge, I never imagined that the day I would have to leave would make me so emotional. Nowadays, you rarely see people LOVE their jobs and literally not want to leave because of the people they work with. Well, that’s me right now. I absolutely LOVE 7F and all it represents. I have come to understand and cherish their “Love Saves Lives” motto like no other. (Well, maybe except Laura, Crystal, Dawn & Joyce since they’ve been here way longer.)

Not only did I have the opportunity to expand my knowledge of Social Media but I also met some incredibly awesome people along the way; like Laura & Crystal! Can I just say that they are always “behind the curtain” working super hard, along with the other wonderful people, to make sure your wedding, event, or stay is beyond exceptional!

I will definitely miss 7F Lodge. I’ll even miss Sadie! (Back story: I was never too fond of cats, but Sadie might have changed that.) I can’t really compare 7F Lodge to any other job because I have loved all my previous jobs in different ways and all have taught me something. 7F in particular has taught me that love is a beautiful thing and you’d be surprised at what it can really accomplish.

I leave happy knowing 7F Lodge is in good hands. Jennie (the new intern) will surely do a great job, no doubt.

Finally, to the owners Donna & Philip, thank you! Thank you for allowing me to be part of this 7F journey. Y’all are truly blessed in every way, in your staff, customers, family, and even pets. May this not be the last time I visit this magical place. Hey, who knows, maybe one day I’ll find myself here again, but this time with a ring on my left hand!



Jennie is the beautiful girl to the right.  See y’all soon!