The nature surrounding 7F Lodge is like no other. Something you can’t buy, create, or replicate. Sure, we plant roses by the chapel,but season after season we have noticed the most beautiful floral on the property creates a life of its own. When Donna and Phillip bought the property from the original owner back in 2007, Carol had mentioned to them “things just grow here”. Not exactly sure what she meant at the time, now I’m positive they understand. Random things bloom every season and you never know what will pop up.

Wysteria Spring2012

In the spring wisteria grows on top of the pavilion entrance and  blooms from about mid-March through mid-April. The cascading flower clusters are breathtaking and can add so much beauty to someone’s special day. There’s something so romantic about rows of wisteria swaying in the breeze that all of our brides love.

 Vogel Flowers

For many of us a field of wildflowers is one of the most beautiful experiences we can encounter in nature. These beautiful yellow wildflowers appeared just in time for this couple’s wedding at the end of last May.


Last week I came across this unique plant and realized it was spreading all over the property for the first time. These bright purple berries that are typically grown in East Texas are called the American Beauty Berry. Ironic name huh?

Beauty covers the grounds of 7F Lodge all year around. People say exotic plants and wildflowers grow in the wild, somewhere they feel free. Although the acres of 7F might not be considered in the wild, the atmosphere here is something that cannot be beat. Even Mother Nature agrees.

“May your life be like a wildflower growing freely in the beauty and joy of each day. ”

– Native American Proverb