In addition to being super romantic and cute, each cabin at 7F Lodge holds either a tradition or a unique story behind them. For those who are “7F regulars”, y’all already know what I’m about to write! For those who are still learning the ways of 7F, here’s what you’re missing out on:

The Barn Cabin is a newer addition to 7F Lodge and is also one of the most widely talked about. Whether its popularity comes from the rustic feel or the fact that once you enter the cabin you feel like you’ve been transported to another time and place, we’ll never know. However, I do know that the headboard is an actual aluminum pasture gate from a local lumber yard. When found, it glowed with potential to join the many unique items at 7F. The wood used to build the cabin, was reclaimed from a turn of century barn from Iowa. Talk about unique!!

The Barn Cabin Interior Hero

Sully’s Cabin, another new addition to the 7F cabins, can hold its own! After reading numerous journals, I can safely say that the best attraction to this cabin is the 1959 Wurlitzer jukebox! And, come one, can you really go wrong with a cabin full of Aggie memorabilia?

Sulley's Place Cabin Interior Hero

France cannot be compared to any other cabin or even B&B. Here’s why, apart from it being super adorable and special, France holds a tradition. And, being only 10 min away from a University that thrives on traditions, it seems only right. In this cabin, you will find corks left from wine bottles on top of the canopy of the bed. Now, nothing says romance like a bottle of wine, right? YES! However, not only do our guest enjoy a delicious, tasteful wine with their stay but they have started a tradition with those corks all on their own!

France Cabin Interior Featured

Spain’s quaint and relaxation feel starts from the moment you step into its Hacienda inspired cabin. The best part of this cabin is not the fabulous vintage wedding gown displayed in an 8 ft. showdown box but the fact that this cabins is basically a miniature castle in Spanish Colonial royal blue with rose-colored walls. A definite must-see.

Spain Cabin Interior Featured

The Hill Country Lodge is one that I have written about before. It was basically the beginning of 7F Lodge and the inspiration to continue “Love Saves Lives”. So, to avoid any repetition, I want to highlight the bed. Yes, you read correctly, the bed. The bed at Hill Country is actually an artistic configuration of four peeled and twisted cedars. It goes perfect with the whole ambiance of the cabin.

Hill Country Interior Hero

Speaking of unique beds, the Mexico cabin is, in my eyes, the most unique bed of all. (When I say bed, I really mean the headboard, just so we’re on the same page) The headboard of Mexico cabin is actually part of what use to be a lion’s cage door! It was just turned sideways to make the headboard of the queen-sized bed. So, next time you stay at Mexico, pay attention to the details! J
Mexico Cabin Interior Hero

The Sugar shack cabin, like Batts Ferry cabin has so much history that it goes beyond 7F Lodge. Sugar Shack is really a combination of two old tenant farmer houses direct from their original site on the Brazos River bottom to the woods of 7F Lodge. Kind of awesome that what once was a home for two separate families, is now an exclusive getaway for a special couple.

Sugar Shack Cabin Interior Hero

Like mentioned above, Batts Ferry cabin has been in existence way before 7F and “Love Saves Lives” was in the picture. Batts Ferry is a much more modern version of a log cabin indicative of 1848. It is named in honor of the Batts family, which ran a ferry at the Brazos River on land neighboring 7F Land and Cattle Company. Crazy, I know! But you won’t feel like 1848 when you stay at Batts Ferry, it’s more like 2014 with a 19th century feel.

Batts Ferry Interior Featured

So, I don’t want you to think that I’m just making this stuff up. I dare you to come and see for yourself. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss!

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