This week I thought it would be fun to talk about one of our staff members. I’ve been able to meet so many great people since I started working here, and while I’m one of the newest members of 7F’s staff, there’s one woman who has been here even longer than 7F’s current owners- Dawn.

Dawn has been working at 7F for a grand total of 9 years- WOW. There is no one else on staff that knows this property as well as she does.

And while she’s been here, she’s basically done it all. She told me that she doesn’t think there is a single job at this place that she hasn’t done, from hauling gravel to cleaning windows to giving massages to handling guest relations- she has taken on every role possible.

And not only does she help out with so many different aspects of the lodge, but she is also VERY good at it. Donna was talking to me about how there is no one else who can make a food basket for the rooms as well as she can. She knows how to place every item in just the right spot, and pays attention to details so every guest gets just as wonderful of an experience. All the staff also say she is impeccable at setting up cabins and cleaning them before a guest arrives. She treats every guest as if they were family and every cabin even better than if it were her own home.


I was able to pull her away from her work for just few minutes last Friday and hear more about her experiences. The best part of talking to her was getting to see her personal attachments to 7F. Her son was married here a while back, actually only a few months after she had started working. It was on an October Sunday, and they had rented out all of the cabins and were so excited about the wedding. However, the forecast did not look good, and by the time the wedding rolled around, it had been raining really hard. But they thought fast and came up with a Plan B- for the guests to stand under the porch and the ceremony to happen inside of the chapel. Even with the craziness of the storms, the wedding was beautiful and it happened to stop raining right before the bride and groom walked down the aisle. She said the rain only made the wedding more special.



Now, all guests are given the option of using “Plan B” if showers roll in for their wedding day, and it all started with Dawn. And she gets to tell that story every time she gives a bride a tour of our property.

After talking to her, it is obvious to me that this place would not be the same as it is today without Dawn’s presence at 7F.

She is definitely a woman with many hats.

-Katie Morris