Since all of the cabins here at 7F Lodge have unique stories and traditions, I decided to share some about our cabin of the month! From what used to be two old tenant farmer houses, 7F created the Sugar Shack. The Sugar Shack was the 5th cabin built on the property with the idea of creating an exclusive getaway with a bluesy music feel as the theme. A place where music feeds the soul.

Here is a picture of the two tenant farmer houses on the Brazos river bottom before they were moved to 7F Lodge.
Pretty cool, what used to be a home for two separate families is now a romantic getaway for guests at 7F Lodge.

During the construction of the Sugar Shack, Hurricane Katrina hit the city of New Orleans. 7F Lodge hosted and welcomed evacuees that needed shelter until their damage could be assessed. A special couple from St. Bernard Parish that joined 7F’s family for several weeks actually picked up tools to help build the cabin. Their efforts became the soul of the Sugar Shack structure. When the couple returned to New Orleans, they found their house devastating with only a few things left untouched by the flood. One of those things was a picture of “Grandmothers Quilt” that the couple gave to 7F as a gift for their extended hospitality.
The picture of “Grandmothers Quilt” is still hanging in the Sugar Shack today.
The Sugar Shack’s juke joint room is complete with an electric guitar, amplifier, and microphone that allows guests to get down in their own way. The “manager’s office” has a queen-sized bed, a black oversized Jacuzzi that leads to a screened in porch where guests are able to just kick back and relax. There is also a vintage 7F ranch style truck that can serve as a cute photo op.

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Come find out more yourself! And let the blues open the door to your soul at the Sugar Shack.