All of the cabins at 7F have unique stories and traditions surrounding them, and April’s Cabin of the Month, Hill Country Lodge, is no different. Hill Country Lodge is one of our largest cabins, with an old soaking tub and chaise lounge, making it one of the best places for brides to get ready before they walk down the aisle. It also is the only cabin with a full kitchen- this is because not only was it the first cabin, but the original owner actually lived in Hill Country for a time.
In fact, I think it is one of the most special cabins on our property, and here’s a few more reasons why:

An old dictionary sits on the rights a few steps after you walk in, and it is always open to the page with “love” on it.


Keeping the same theme of love, word magnets on the fridge are put in the shape of a heart. We have had many guests leave us messages with the words when they leave!


This picture hangs on the wall in Hill Country, showing members of the Aggie Corps from back in the day. The Corps of Cadets meant a lot to Carol (the original owner) because her dad and other members of her family were a part it as well as part of the U.S. military.


Hill Country’s bed isn’t just a place to sleep, but a work of art. It is an artistic configuration of four peeled and twisted cedars.


And this glass doll’s bottle, which sits on the window alcove by the sink, represents so much of 7F’s history. You can read all about how this bottle fits into 7F’s story here.


The amount of stories and history that is etched into this place is amazing to me. From tales of war veterans to memories of the owners to the experiences of the guests who have come in and out of this cabin, there is a magic to Hill Country Lodge that can’t be found anywhere else.

If you need a place to get away this month, consider coming here and creating some memories of your own.

-Katie Morris