After working at 7F for a while, I have begun to notice what I would call “inspirational messages” scattered throughout the property. From floorboards to walls to door frames to support beams, these words are written anywhere Carol (the original owner) could think of. Not only do these phrases embody what 7F is about, but to me they also embody what life is about. I wanted to share a little about what some of the ones I found mean to me:

“Love is a verb. It requires action.”- When I think about this phrase, it reminds me of the way people have shown their love for me, whether through a kind text, act of service, or just being present. It is one thing to say “I love you” but a much more powerful thing to express that love with your actions. I don’t think love is ever stationary- it is always being conveyed in different ways through different people. What a great reminder to love the people who have been placed in our lives well.


“Return with honor.”- I found this saying a couple times at 7F- above the door at the Pavilion and above the door in the office. This quote makes me think of the story behind 7F (on our website) and how Carol’s father and uncles returned home after fighting in World War II. They sought companionship in each other upon coming home and were honorable friends, Aggies, and fathers. Instead of the war making them more bitter or resentful, they chose to return and be even better men- loving each other and lifting each others’ burdens, despite the horrors they had witnessed and the grief they all shared. I think that is a beautiful picture of what it looks like to return with honor.

“Simplify your life.”- Written above the mirror in the Pavilion, this phrase reminds me to take time to get away from all of the clutter and busyness and noise that so easily seems to take over, and just enjoy the simple things that life offers- whether that is friendship or nature or family. I think this is what makes 7F such a captivating and wonderful place- it takes people out of the chaos and craziness that can sometimes overwhelm them, and helps them rest in the peacefulness and stillness of nature.


“Love Saves Lives.”- Of course this saying is etched all over 7F- on signs and floorboards and walls and brochures. It captures all that 7F represents, and what’s really important- love. Working at a place that was built on a foundation of this quote has reminded me often of the power love has to heal, inspire, guide, and restore. Being loved and loving others is what makes life worth living and what helps us when we are getting through life’s storms and trials. Just like Carol and her father, I really do believe that love saves lives.


Maybe this will motivate you to write your own messages to help you be inspired and encouraged. Whether you write it on your wall, or just on a sticky note or your hand, I think we could all use reminders every once in while of what life’s really about.

-Katie Morris