lily.pavilion.march2017.grassSpring is well and truly here in Central Texas. Temperatures have started climbing during the day, thunderstorms are weekly occurrences, and every roadside is so coated in wildflowers that it’s amazing people can drive anywhere without stopping to snap at least a hundred pictures. Wedding season has also hit the ground running, drawing housekeepers and office staff into the ceaseless rhythm of tours, after-events, clean-ups, and full property flips, to accommodate our beautiful brides, their grooms, and guests.

Personally, I can’t get enough of it. As a social media intern, it’s my job to facilitate all the posts about weddings and other events happening on property, as well as document the new season. There’s truly something magical about walking into the Pavilion after people have been decorating all day and seeing how much love and care is put into each detail for the bride and groom’s big day. It’s also amazing how unique each set-up is! From table arrangements to color schemes to floral centerpieces, every wedding brings something new and beautiful. The ingenuity of brides is always so impressive, and that definitely goes for all seasons, not just spring!

The property here at 7F is also full of delightful spring surprises. From the blooming of new flowers in the patches between cabins to the increase in wildlife that you see in the early mornings, it’s as if everything has been refreshed. It goes for the people, too. Guests come in tired and worn from work or family stresses; but when they leave, it’s easy to see the new hope in their faces, and a new aprilweddingtranquility that I know will translate into everything they do. So, if you’re tired of town, tired of work, and in need of some R&R, I’d suggest a quick trip out to the woods. Come visit us at 7F. There’s plenty of peace to go around, and we know for a fact that out here,


Dani Manley, 7F Social Media Intern