This past Friday, I had the opportunity to go “behind the scenes” and see what our manager, Laura, and the other staff do to prepare for a wedding day! I was a big fan of the dress code: a t-shirt and shorts, and I was really excited to get the chance to take part in some of what Laura does every day to make sure each guest at 7F has a memorable experience.


I got to property around 9 AM, and by that time Laura had already run all around town to get food and other items necessary for 7F to run smoothly. Then we rode over to the Pavilion and began the cleaning process. I worked on the chapel, sweeping, wiping everything down, and making sure the windows were in top shape. Then I helped Laura with some other things in the Pavilion like cleaning mirrors and setting out the right number of chairs, checking things off a long list of duties as we went along. It amazed me how comprehensive the whole process was. Things that I never would have thought to check or clean were done so meticulously.


After the Pavilion was ready to go, I helped Charissa, another member of our staff, clean one cabin and refresh another. It was at this point that I began to notice a pattern in the way things are done here. Another long checklist was handed to me, which stated how every detail in the cabin was supposed to be. We gathered all the linens from the cabin, took them to the laundry room to be cleaned, then brought back some new ones along with an assortment of cleaning supplies to make the cabin look exactly how it looked before the guest arrived. We went through each item on the list, making sure nothing was forgotten or overlooked.


My first thoughts about all of this were, “really, isn’t this a little much?” and “wow, this is taking a long time.”


But after working here for a few months and hearing the stories of guests’ “fairytale weddings” and relaxing weekends away, I realize that all that work is completely purposeful and impacts the lives of the people who drive in and out of our property. I love that I got to play a small part in giving a bride her perfect day, and I am appreciative that this is what staff like Laura do on a weekly basis to make peoples’ days that much better.


Who knows, maybe I’ll start to make some checklists of my own!


-Katie Morris