While there are many gardens at 7F, one in particular is special to the couples that were married here.  The rock garden at the pavilion is a cluster of unique shaped rocks. Every rock has a couple’s name hand written on it along with the date they were married. It’s a sweet way for 7F to honor every couple married at the chapel.

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Once a couple saves a date with 7F, the staff picks out a rock and personalizes it. They wait to give the rock to the bride and groom on their wedding day and encourage them to add it to our garden. A lot of couples love to come back to look for their rock.

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In the center of the garden, the biggest rock is from the first wedding at 7F. The original owners Carol and Craig married here on October 4, 1997. Their love and vision is from which all other weddings were able to happen at this beautiful place.

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Hundreds of couples were married here, but we know there’s even more. We are still looking for names to add to the garden; so anyone who was married at 7F before 2002 please send us the bride’s and groom’s first names and wedding date. Our rock garden is another unique place that shows how “love saves lives”, a motto Carol has proven to be true at 7F Lodge.