Love Saves Lives: Scenarios of 7F


How do we find a way to quickly escape intimately in today’s hectic world where time is collapsing and imagination is often in short supply? Where can we go, as a couple, to find a spontaneous way to ignite a sense of private, playful connection? How can we truly block out the world we live in and take on a brief adventure into the scenarios of other lovers? LOVE SAVES LIVES: The Scenarios of 7F, is a collection of short stories that are the theme for each of the individual cabins at 7F Lodge. Each scenario invites you to romantically discover the fiction that brought the design of each structure into a tangible, three-dimensional storybook. And, included with each story is a recipe that is also selected to ignite your senses and anchor the fantasy experience of a fast “getaway” into nature at 7F Lodge. On the 25th Anniversary of the very first wedding at 7F, we welcome each of you into this tiny tome and into the discovery of each story and delicious tale of passionate adventure. We do hope you will find your way to one of our “sacred healing chamber cabins” here at 7F and experience for yourself just how true it is that LOVE SAVES LIVES.



Written by Carol Frierson

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Weight 13 oz


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