Ol’ Sully’s adventures all began one afternoon while I was reading journals in Sully’s Place. On top of a bookshelf I noticed a Texas A&M garden gnome overlooking the room. I thought he was too cute to be cooped up in one of our cabins so I decided to take a picture of him and share it with our fans and followers during Texas A&M’s first football game of the season against South Carolina.


Here he is hanging out on the porch at Sully’s Place. I also thought it would be fun to ask our social media followers if they could guess where he was and to my surprise we got a lot of feedback. Our guests know 7F’s property better than I thought!



Since our followers seemed to enjoy the gnome’s appearance, I decided it would be fun to get him out of Sully’s Place and “roam” the property to see what else our followers knew about 7F Lodge. Old folk tales say gnome’s symbolize honesty, integrity and hard work, and are regarded as good luck charms in one’s house and garden. So I figured he could be 7F’s good luck charm for our beloved Aggies. (seems to be working since we are now 5-0 WHOOP!) But there was only one problem… He didn’t have a name! The staff at 7F tossed around some ideas but none seemed to fit his cute personality. It was then when we decided to let our fans and followers name him for us in a Facebook contest.


I was really excited to announce our very first Facebook contest, that allowed our followers to suggest a name for our gameday gnome in hopes of winning a free week-night stay at 7F Lodge. The participation from our followers was a lot more than I expected! At the end of the week we chose Ol’ Sully, which was a combination of two names suggested. Ol’ Sully has become quite popular around here! So keep your eyes peeled, maybe you will run into him during your stay at 7F Lodge. 🙂


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