At some point in your life, you have probably heard the saying “open door policy” or someone has told you that their “door is always open”.  That’s pretty comforting to know someone is always there for you.  But, there’s another “open door policy” that is just as comforting.  A door that is truly left open to let nature in, to let the world in, to let you be a part of the grandness and beauty of the outdoors while still being inside….now, that’s an Open Door Policy.


When you are driving down the road to 7F, the first building you will see is the office. It is hard to miss this quaint wooden building, especially with the sign hanging off the front entrance. On the front porch you will see a set of rocking chairs (where I sat the first time I ever met with Donna, one of 7F’s owners), and an antiquated “welcome” sign nailed on to the door that ushers you in.

But if you find yourself at 7F from early Spring to late Fall, you might not need the sign to guide you in, because you will most likely find the door already propped open. So much of what I enjoy about 7F involves the nature that surrounds it, from the gentle breeze to the rustling of the squirrels playing to the songs the birds sing every afternoon. And sitting in the office with the sun shining in and door swung open, it almost feels like the building has become part of the nature itself, blending beautifully in with the landscape around it.


And I’m far from the only one who enjoys this open door policy. Donna loves the reminder it brings of simpler times, when nature was more a part of our lives. She said she can’t even count the number of times someone has walked into the 7F office and said “wow, I’d love to work here!” Sometimes I’ll even find Laura, our manager, sitting on the front porch with papers and the phone in hand, using the porch as an extension of the office, with the door open so she can run inside whenever she needs to. And, although they can’t actually speak to confirm, I think the biggest advocates of the open door policy are our two cats, Sadie and Tiger. They come in and out of the office more than anyone, and while we use it to get work done, they claim it as their dining room, their preferred napping spot, and their favorite place to welcome guests. (of course, they are the only 7F “staff” that get to take naps whenever they want).


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So, whatever your office may be, try your own “open door policy” every once in a while, or all the time – we highly recommend it!


-Katie Morris