A 7F Lodge Real Wedding

engagement shootJeannette and Brandon met while working at Rockies, a country dance bar in Bryan, Texas.

The story of Brandon’s proposal demonstrates the humor that was also evident during this couple’s wedding:

“We now both work at Texas A&M Veterinary Hospital. He had everyone at work in on it! He did it on February 17, which was a Friday. He got off work early and had a few of my friends and doctors find busy work for me to do till about 5. He wanted me home around 7, and knew I had to go feed my horses and pack my trailer for a horse show I had on Sunday so it SHOULD have taken me about an hour and a half or chapel.ringsso. During that time he was going to have all my friends, my mom, and some of his friends hide in the house and then pop out and surprise me. I was really tired that day so instead of doing a lot at the barn, I just fed my horses and headed home around 5:30. I walked in the door with my hands full of stuff and, as usual, one of our German Shepherds, Jesse, was jumping up on me wearing something white. I thought Brandon was maybe trying to be funny so I didn’t think much of it, but then he asked me, “What does it say?” When I looked at it more closely, I saw that it said, “Will you marry my daddy?” and I was totally shocked! Of course, he got down on one knee and I said yes, and one of my friends from work popped out and had been videoing the whole thing! Shortly after that, everyone who was supposed to be there when he asked (if I hadn’t messed up the timing) started arriving and we had chick-fil-a and champagne and laughed.”

Jeannette.flowersJeannette created nearly all of the decorations for the wedding herself, with some help from Pinterest. She said that while planning the wedding, it was mainly Brandon that was concerned, or in her words, a “groomzilla”, because of how much Jeannette was doing on her own and the freedom she gave her bridesmaids in choosing dresses and hairstyles. However, Brandon’s worrying was in vain; the decorations all looked beautiful and the different looks of the bridesmaids was unique and fun.

To celebrate their marriage, Jeannette and Brandon took a cruise through the Caribbean, enjoying a welcome break from a chilly Texas winter.

Congratulations to Jeannette and Brandon! We wish you all the best as you begin a life together.


Cake—Fabulous Fare

Dress—David’s Bridal

Tuxes—Men’s Warehouse


Catering—McAlister’s Deli

Flowers—Jeannette, the bride

Photography—All Heart Photography

Hair—Casey Estes

Makeup—Jeannette, the bride

Coordinator—Jeni Young

Details—Jeannette & the bridesmaids

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