I have spent lots of time reading journal entries in the cabins, and one in particular stood out from the rest. I want to share it with you. (Warning: You may cry and want to hug a loved one afterwards!)

“It was cold that January night in ’92, but my heart was even colder. I could see my breath condensing on the black steel barrel. I had driven out here on this road to end the pain, and now I cried out to God- ‘ if my life is of any value to you, Lord please,  just let me know and I won’t do this horrible thing I’ve come here to do.’  At that moment I could hear someone’s tires fall off the pavement onto the crackling gravel. I squinted as the headlights illuminated my face. A young lady pulled up alongside of my car and rolled down her window. I hoped it was dark enough to conceal the tears streaming down my cheeks. I could see her sparkling eyes and golden curls that framed an angelic face. She asked if I could help her find Pebble Creek Subdivision- I told her she must have made a wrong turn exiting the highway- she went west on Greens Prairie instead of east. I got her headed in the right direction but before she left she thanked me and said I was a life-saver…if she only knew.

I sat there in the dark trembling for fear and awe that a God who could create the heavens and direct the universe yet care enough for a desperate man to send an angel to his rescue. That moment changed my life forever. I committed myself to my studies over the next 2 years and did get into medical school- to the surprise of my parents and a councilor who said it was impossible, in January of ’92.  Now, 6 years later, I worked the ER in Houston. A young lady was rushed in the hospital with a severe and unexplained atrial fib. She was extremely frightened and genuinely believed her heart was dying. I explained to her that we had given her some medication and would need to run a few tests tomorrow with the cardiologist. As she lay in the hospital bed, I suddenly noticed a familiarity in her sparkling green eyes and golden curls.

This was my angel… I couldn’t believe my eyes, but after we talked about Aggieland and our pasts, we most assuredly had met on a gravel road 8 years ago. That day led to many more tearful conversations and those conversations flamed into love, and that love grew into a lifelong commitment. So here we are on our anniversary only minutes from where my life almost ended. Thank goodness God loved me enough to send my angel, and thank goodness God loves us all enough to send a Savior, His son… Jesus.”

– May 9, 2002

If this didn’t make you cry or at least give you a chill down your spine, I don’t know what will!  We can’t be 100% sure that this is a true story, but it convinced me! There are tons more journal entries like these and I will try to share them once in a while. This is only one example that LOVE does SAVE LIVES !