So my goal is to write a blog post every week for 7F.  Most of the time, I can’t think of a topic right away, so the staff and I sit around and toss out ideas for the blog.  Of course, the fact that it is Valentine’s Week, made it the obvious choice. But, we didn’t want to go with the normal Valentine’s topic, you know, like “50 Ideas for making your Valentine’s Day Perfect” or something like that. This isn’t about suggestions for Valentine’s Day.  You can find those everywhere and get advice from just about anyone on that.  But at the end of the day you know what really matters is if it comes from THE HEART.

It is crazy to me how often the heart is represented at 7F. It seems like almost everywhere you turn you can find something with a heart on it. It is on furniture, thresholds, signs, and even part of the décor in cabins.  And to us, it means a lot more than just a symbol. Love is behind everything we do here at 7F, something that was made very obvious to me when I started working here a few weeks ago.

Of course, it is in our motto, “Love Saves Lives.” If you want to read the story behind this amazing saying, check out the “About 7F” tab on our website, it explains the story much more beautifully than I ever could. Overall, this motto represents the importance of opening yourself up to love and sharing it with the people around you, such as through marriage, family, celebrations, or anything in between. The heart signifies so much at 7F, whether it be our support of local charities, the many proposals that have been given and received, the vows that have been exchanged, or just the love that permeates every single person who visits or works here.

This is personally my favorite heart at 7F, mostly because it has a story behind it!


It is a painting sitting in our office that one of the original 7F owners, Carol Frierson-Conlee painted herself. She titled it “Happy Love Saves Lives Heart.” I love getting to look at it everyday while I work! What a beautiful reminder of how this place started and what it is all about!


After finding a few hearts around the office, I was encouraged by staff to go on a heart hunt all around 7F.  And here are a few I found.  Hope you find something special in one of our HEARTS like I did.

Here’s one etched in the front office porch bench.

valentines candy heart
Here’s one of our heart-shaped rocks from our collection we keep in the office.  So, if you ever find a heart-shaped rock, send it our way.  It has a home here for many to enjoy.  I was told we once found a heart-shaped potato, but only kept that for a few days – lol!  Maybe we’ll find other objects shaped like hearts one day- hopefully ones that don’t expire!


The office also has hearts as part of a message

FullSizeRender n


As you step out of the office, you can see our motto sign, with hearts of course.


But there are others, like this art that now resides in Spain which was left by a guest..


Or the heart-shaped word magnet message on the Hill Country Lodge Fridge.  Sometimes guests pull some special words and leave a message back to us.



The Spa gets into the act with this paperweight.



Sully’s leaves a heart message on a pillow.

photo 031

And, if you take your own HEART-hunt at 7F Lodge, see if you can spot these.

photo4 photo5 photo6

So, need ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year – you don’t have to look on cheesy advice columns or spend big bucks- just let it come from THE HEART! Really, all you need to do is remember that “love saves lives!”

-Katie Morris