This may bring to mind the lyrics to a heavy metal song from the 80’s (before my time, but there are plenty of you out there right now hearing those lyrics in your head).  Well, there is truth to that phrase at our beloved Sugar Shack cabin.  You see, it was originally two sharecropper family homes that were moved from the Brazos River bottom and converted to one 7F romantic cabin.  So, the door opening to the bedroom is the original opening between the two homes.  And, it’s the source of many a laugh at 7F.
If you have ever stayed in Sugar Shack before, you know that the entrance into the bedroom may be a little short for people who are above average height. So it is not a surprise that many guests (mainly unassuming husbands) have taken a blow to the head while walking through the doorway leading to the bedroom- even with the phrase “Watch Your Head” written in bold right above it. Needless to say, the wives had no problem writing about (and laughing about) their husband’s clumsiness. Here are a few of their stories:



“We had another great stay at 7F, this time in the Sugar Shack! It is always so much fun, and needed time to spend together. P.S. They mean it when they say “watch your head.” Thanks for the band-aid!” – 7F Lodge Guest

“I got a real laugh out of the low doorway to the bedroom and all of the others’ comments. (My husband only received a mild concussion!)” -7F Lodge Guest

“By the way-the doorway to the bedroom was the best and the cause of a lot of my laughter. My husband whacked his head so hard!!” -7F Lodge Guest

“We really enjoyed our stay here. Everything was wonderful! As I was reading about the doorway to the bedroom my husband came through and hit his head. All I could do was laugh. Can’t wait to come back!” -7F Lodge Guest

“Absolutely amazing! It was the perfect room! As I read this book I laughed at all the women laughing at the men for hitting their heads thinking to myself “I’m so surprised he hasn’t hit his head yet!” He was actually surprised himself! Well needless to say… least 6 times now! I just laughed. Thank you for this experience!” -7F Lodge Guest

“My husband and I celebrated our second anniversary just how we wanted…..we hope to come back again and again. Thank you!! P.S. My husband may hold the record for times hitting his head on the doorway…up to 5 now, with 2 hours to go!” -7F Lodge Guest


Sometimes being short isn’t a bad thing……

“We love the Sugar Shack! My husband thinks he can play the guitar! P.S. My husband never hit his head (he’s 5’4’’) J” –7F Lodge Guest

“P.S. My husband hit his head 4 times….I guess that’s what happens when you’re 6’4’’!”  -7F Lodge Guest


Hopefully you got as much of a kick out of these stories as I did! And if you ever plan a romantic weekend away at the Sugar Shack, don’t forget to WATCH YOUR HEAD.

-Katie Morris