One of my favorite things about 7F is the sense of history that pervades the property. Everywhere you look, you see pieces of the past, whether it’s in the form of old farm equipment, the chuck wagon at the Pavilion, or the buildings themselves. All of these things have stories, and as an English major, I have to say, I absolutely adore that.

IMG_6617If you’ve ever driven in to 7F, you will mostly likely have noticed the antique farm equipment scattered along the long, straight drive. They always remind me of a simpler time and of the original purpose of the land 7F sits on. The connection of 7F to its past is one that I find truly remarkable. All of us who work here feel it; there is just something about getting out of your car and hearing the quiet breeze through the yaupons that almost feels like stepping back in time. It is a sense of peace and of quiet dignity that always seems to radiate from old things. It always comes as a relief, especially for myself and my fellow student workers who are usually coming from class on the bustling campus of Texas A&M.

Even with that serenity, there is still a sense of purpose about 7F, a sense of direction towards a future that we hope will honor our past. We are constantly working to not only preserve what we have here, but also to improve and celebrate what lies before us. The farm equipment reminds me of that; it is always there, a symbol of the past that we love, but also a reminder that we have a bright future.


Dani Manley

7F Social Media Intern