The moment I walked on the premises of 7F Lodge I was a bit skeptical. Don’t get me wrong, I love the outdoors and all of its beauty, but I prefer to enjoy its mesmerizing splendor from afar. However, I gave it a try because in the end I’m going to be spending a lot of time here! I’m the new social media intern.

My day started with meeting the owner, Donna, and Laura, the manager. I automatically sensed the joy and passion they have for their jobs; hosting awesome weddings, parties, and celebrations. Donna was nice enough to give me a tour of 7F Lodge and with every cabin, detail, and story, I became a fan of this place.

The story behind 7F Lodge is one to be envied. For those who don’t know, 7F Lodge was started many years ago by Carol, the daughter of a great Aggie who fought for this country in WWII. Originally, there was one cabin where Carol’s father and her two uncles would camp and hunt . This quickly evolved into a “getaway” from the world and a place of rest and tranquility for many friends to recuperate from what they all had endured in WWII. After college, a young Carol traveled the world until one day she decided to come back to 7F and rebuild what her dad had started. In the process, she met her husband and he built the chapel where now, many couples have found to be the place they exchange vows.

With the help of her husband, Carol was able to run a successful bed and breakfast with the motto “Love Saves Lives”. I can see this mantra in every item found in the cabins, church, and venue. The intricate detail that goes into making a perfect day, perfect, is almost crazy good. 7F Lodge was sold to Carol’s dear friends and now owners Phillip and Donna , who still live through the same spirit of “Love Saves Lives”.

My favorite part so far about 7F is the chapel. Not only is the story behind it unique (who else can say that they had a chapel built just for them?), but this place is breathtaking. Not “wow, this place is cool” breathtaking, but “wow, how can a place so beautiful even exist” breathtaking. The ambience surrounding the chapel tied with the hospitality given is one to remember.

I am far from getting married but when I do I want 7F Lodge to be the place I say “I do”. No way am I going anywhere else.

(Nancy C is our first social media intern. Look for more from her on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instragram,…in the coming weeks. To read more about 7F in the words of Carol herself, visit the About Us: Story of 7F page on our website.)