Ol’ Sully’s adventures all began one afternoon while I was reading journals in Sully’s Place. On top of a bookshelf I noticed a Texas A&M garden gnome overlooking the room. I thought he was too cute to be cooped up in one of our cabins so I decided to take a picture of him and share it with our fans … Read More

September has definitely been a busy month for 7F Lodge! In the mix of having weddings every week, Donna, Phillip and I attended the 2014 Fall Bridal Show and Benefit this past Sunday.   The Bridal Association of the Brazos Valley did a wonderful job hosting the event at the County Expo. Featuring all things wedding, it was a big … Read More

Howdy 7F fans & Followers,   The day I found out I was chosen for the social media internship for 7F Lodge I was overwhelmed with excitement. It may be cliché to say but this family owned business is “A Place Like No Other”.   On my first day Donna took the time to show me around the property. 14 … Read More

When I first started with 7F Lodge, I never imagined that the day I would have to leave would make me so emotional. Nowadays, you rarely see people LOVE their jobs and literally not want to leave because of the people they work with. Well, that’s me right now. I absolutely LOVE 7F and all it represents. I have come … Read More

More cabin stuff! Yeah, as if we don’t talk about the cabins enough… As my time as an intern here at 7F Lodge comes to an end, I’ve decided to spend my last days reading journals.  All in the hopes of finding a truly awesome story to share with you wonderful people. Here’s what I’ve found so far: Some of … Read More

  In addition to being super romantic and cute, each cabin at 7F Lodge holds either a tradition or a unique story behind them. For those who are “7F regulars”, y’all already know what I’m about to write! For those who are still learning the ways of 7F, here’s what you’re missing out on: The Barn Cabin is a newer … Read More

The guests that are lucky enough to stay at 7F Lodge know that they’ve found a little bit of heaven on earth. The place is great, the customer service is great and to top it off, the food is great! So, in this blog I want to talk about not the guests, but the residents. I know, sounds weird…what residents? … Read More

I have spent lots of time reading journal entries in the cabins, and one in particular stood out from the rest. I want to share it with you. (Warning: You may cry and want to hug a loved one afterwards!) “It was cold that January night in ’92, but my heart was even colder. I could see my breath condensing … Read More

You would think that by now I would have run out of things to brag about for 7F. You would be wrong. There are tonsssss of things that make this place special. I want to share one of those unique aspects in this blog. First, if you didn’t know, Sully’s Place, one of the eight cabins, is the cabin of … Read More

I’ve been so happy working at 7F Lodge for many reasons:  first, I LOVE social media and to get paid for it is like not working at all! (But I am working, promise!). Second, somehow the big man upstairs has always blessed me with a job where the people are friendly, hardworking and helpful and 7F Lodge is no different! … Read More