All of the cabins at 7F have unique stories and traditions surrounding them, and April’s Cabin of the Month, Hill Country Lodge, is no different. Hill Country Lodge is one of our largest cabins, with an old soaking tub and chaise lounge, making it one of the best places for brides to get ready before they walk down the aisle. … Read More

Every so often we have people who aren’t 7F Brides ask about taking photos on our property- either of their family, to promote their business, or just for fun! Of course we love when people in our community want to take advantage of 7F’s beauty to capture their special moments, on just one condition- that they donate $100 to Scotty’s … Read More

After working at 7F for a while, I have begun to notice what I would call “inspirational messages” scattered throughout the property. From floorboards to walls to door frames to support beams, these words are written anywhere Carol (the original owner) could think of. Not only do these phrases embody what 7F is about, but to me they also embody … Read More

Everybody enjoys the moment at a wedding where the bride and groom walk through an aisle made by friends and family and are whisked away in a car to spend their honeymoon together. It has been a long standing tradition for guests to participate in this post ceremony practice by throwing things at the bride and groom as they leave … Read More

If you have ever heard the story behind 7F or read about it on our website, you know why our little white chapel was built. You know that it is was constructed by a loving man for his future bride, and that this couple, who were the first to share their vows here, were also the original owners of this … Read More

This may bring to mind the lyrics to a heavy metal song from the 80’s (before my time, but there are plenty of you out there right now hearing those lyrics in your head).  Well, there is truth to that phrase at our beloved Sugar Shack cabin.  You see, it was originally two sharecropper family homes that were moved from … Read More

Hidden in the tall oaks surrounding our romantic French Chateau is a sweet reminder that we share our property with some feathery neighbors. The France cardinal has been mentioned in journals for over 10 years. Given the name “Charlie” by many of our guests, this red bird has made its presence known over the years to visitors, newly wed couples, … Read More

At some point in your life, you have probably heard the saying “open door policy” or someone has told you that their “door is always open”.  That’s pretty comforting to know someone is always there for you.  But, there’s another “open door policy” that is just as comforting.  A door that is truly left open to let nature in, to … Read More

So my goal is to write a blog post every week for 7F.  Most of the time, I can’t think of a topic right away, so the staff and I sit around and toss out ideas for the blog.  Of course, the fact that it is Valentine’s Week, made it the obvious choice. But, we didn’t want to go with … Read More

If you’ve ever been to 7F before, you know that it is nothing short of unique. Everything, from the cabins to the chapel to the pavilion, has its fair share of quirks and distinctive touches. So of course, the hot tubs are no exception. Each one of 7F’s cabins has a hot tub, and no two are alike. Heart, circle, … Read More