Howdy 7F fans & Followers,
The day I found out I was chosen for the social media internship for 7F Lodge I was overwhelmed with excitement. It may be cliché to say but this family owned business is “A Place Like No Other”.
On my first day Donna took the time to show me around the property. 14 acres of ABSOLUTE BLISS! There are really no other words to describe it. Hidden carefully amidst live oaks and yaupon thickets are eight charming cabins. I was amazed by the extremely thought out detail in each cabin. From the music you hear when you first walk in, to the lighting, antique furniture and wall décor, each cabin is designed to make guests feel like they are in another world. There is also a very romantic atmosphere and the perfect place for a weekend getaway!
The unique cabins hold a unique purpose where our guests can escape and reconnect with there loved ones. The cabin themes differentiate themselves where guests will never have the same experience twice, which is why so many people come back. The beauty of 7F is that people leave with memories that last a lifetime. Whether they stay for just a night or a weekend, they are able to “Get Away Without Going Away” in College Station, TX.
The last cabin led us to the chapel and pavilion area, which looked like nothing but a whimsical wedding fairy tale. It was the perfect little antique chapel surrounded by a country oasis. I thought it was so cool that the chapel was originally built for one person and now hosts hundreds of weddings every year. I could sense the passion from Donna when she explained to me that no matter what style of wedding there was they were all filled with passionate love. That’s when I understood how “Love Saves Lives” at 7F, a place where people find the importance and true meaning of love.
I have been working here for over a week now, and I just love the vibe this place gives off. It’s simple, but there are not many places where you can stand and simply admire the beauty and nature of life. So many amazing things happen here, can I cannot wait to share them all with you.
Hope you all are having a great week 🙂
– Jennie