Every so often we have people who aren’t 7F Brides ask about taking photos on our property- either of their family, to promote their business, or just for fun! Of course we love when people in our community want to take advantage of 7F’s beauty to capture their special moments, on just one condition- that they donate $100 to Scotty’s House. (All of our photo shoots must be approved and are by appointment only so that we can pick a suitable date and time and coordinate the wonderful donation!)


What is Scotty’s House and why do we support them?

Scotty’s House is the Child Advocacy Center of the Brazos Valley. It is an amazing organization, founded in 1995, whose mission is to provide safety, healing and justice for children victimized by abuse through professional counseling and education. It provides a compassionate, supportive, and nurturing environment where child victims can be assessed and get closer to normalcy. These child advocacy centers are so important because there are over a quarter of a million cases of child abuse in Texas alone each year.
Kids like Scotty, who gave Scotty’s House its name, are the reason why this place means so much to so many. He was abducted from his daycare and abused by his father in 1982. Children like him have come in and out of Scotty’s House seeking and gaining comfort, restoration, and love.


7F is happy to play even a small part in what this organization is doing for the B/CS community.

I think Scotty’s House, just like 7F, displays just how much love really does save lives.

-Katie Morris