You would think that by now I would have run out of things to brag about for 7F. You would be wrong. There are tonsssss of things that make this place special. I want to share one of those unique aspects in this blog.

First, if you didn’t know, Sully’s Place, one of the eight cabins, is the cabin of the month. That means that you can spend a romantic night at Sully’s Sunday thru Thursday for a special low rate. So, in honor the cabin of the month, I spent some time in Sully’s reading journals. The journals at 7F are books full of empty pages waiting to be written in by a happy visitor. The journals sit on top of the bed waiting for guests and countless old, filled journals can be found throughout the cabins. Because Sully’s is a new addition to 7F, there were only a few journals but a few were all I needed for this blog. Within the pages of the books were brief glimpses into the memories and experiences of previous guests and reading them can be one of the highlights of staying at 7F.

But before I share journal entries, let me describe Sully’s Place. Sully’s Place, like all the cabins has a particular theme. And if I was forced to choose (I’m totally being biased, no force necessary) it would definitely be my favorite theme. Like pictured, Sully’s Place is Aggie themed. Now, this isn’t your typical Aggie themed place, this is completely unique. The owners did not want just any Aggie memorabilia. They wanted items that mattered and brought life to this cabin. For example, there is a cadet helmet used by an Aggie, an original yearbook from an Aggie, and even old books used by Aggies all from “Old Ag’ Days”.

I was amazing to me that even though the guests at the cabin were there to enjoy each other’s company, they were also able to catch these small but inspiring items. I know this because they mentioned them in the journal entries.

Here are a few:

“Thank you 7F for the weekend getaway! It was fabulous!”

“We enjoyed the stay very much! Brought back memories of our first date, the 1968 Cotton Bowl.”

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow…”

“Thanks for providing such a clean, charming, and private environment– hope you are endlessly successful!”

“We discovered 7F in 2000 when we decided to follow a random ‘wedding this way’ sign. Those signs brought us to the chapel. We didn’t crash the wedding, it had taken place the night before. A year later, my husband blindfolded me and brought me back to the beautiful chapel and proposed. On our 10th anniversary (three children, two dogs, 7 moves around the world later) we have come back to this beautiful and romantic chapel.”

All of these explain why 7F is completely amazing.  But I have to say the entry that mentions, “we just followed a ‘wedding this way’ sign,” is the absolute best. That one speaks to me! And, more importantly, makes for a good laugh. Out of pure curiosity they found 7F Lodge and it has essentially been the rock in their marriage. That’s what I’ve been trying to say with every blog! 7F isn’t great because of all the attention to detail, but because the people who visit make it what it is, a place to unwind and recuperate before heading back to the real world. So let that sink in, 7F is an escape, a safe haven, and a place to make lasting memories. Just look at the journals!