1As a student worker at 7F Lodge, I get to see the inner workings of the machine in more ways than I can count. In my third year as a full-time student at Texas A&M and my second year as a part-time employee at 7F, my schedule is always full, but as soon as I step onto the red dirt and smell the trees surrounding me, I’m ready for anything.

When I started working at 7F, I first learned all the basics. That meant cleaning – and lots of it! I learned how to clean the cabins, pavilion, chapel, office, spa, and wine shop, floor to ceiling. Anywhere you step on this property, I’ve cleaned it at some point. But I don’t only clean! No no, I wear many more hats than that. My daily tasks include things like pulling weeds, airing up golf cart tires, perfecting artwork on chalkboards, tending to guests or brides-to-be in the office, answering phones, folding laundry, taking pictures, feeding the cat, changing lightbulbs, washing thousands of windows, writing blogs… the list goes on. And I’m not the only one! From us housekeepers to the owners, we have all picked up trash, cleaned a toilet, and witnessed the excitement on a young couple’s face when they take a tour. We’re truly a team, and it takes every one of us to keep this clock ticking!2

My experience at 7F so far has taught me skills in office management, business practice, and professionalism, all while I’m still a full-time student. From a distance, this job may look like simple housekeeping. But if you take a closer look, I am getting to be a part of the very running of this small business and make my mark on its success.


Corinne Johnigan, Social Media Intern