If you have ever heard the story behind 7F or read about it on our website, you know why our little white chapel was built. You know that it is was constructed by a loving man for his future bride, and that this couple, who were the first to share their vows here, were also the original owners of this place that means so much to so many. I absolutely love hearing the story of how the chapel was built and of the love and attention that went into it. But what I didn’t know was that just as much attention and love was put into the items inside of the chapel’s walls as well.

Carol, 7F’s original owner (and 7F’s first bride) made sure that each religious item in her chapel was unique, beautiful, and had a story of its own. And she searched all over the world to find them. So here’s some of the history behind the pieces that make up the chapel where hundreds of brides since Carol have chosen to get married as well:


This crucifix was hand carved in Obergamerbaugh, Germany. It was hand picked and ordered by Carol while she was over there in 1999.



This cross hung above the door is a crib cross from Mexican Indian folklore.


This beautiful piece of art is of Christ in the garden, and is from France.


According to Carol, this unique candle tray was from a “Mexcio City fella.”


And finally, the “Love Saves Lives” sign was a wedding gift to Carol from when she was married.



I love seeing how completely different items from opposite sides of the world can be brought together to make such a beautiful room even more unique and special. What an extraordinary place to say “I do.”


-Katie Morris