If you’ve ever been to 7F before, you know that it is nothing short of unique. Everything, from the cabins to the chapel to the pavilion, has its fair share of quirks and distinctive touches. So of course, the hot tubs are no exception. Each one of 7F’s cabins has a hot tub, and no two are alike. Heart, circle, or triangle, and red, white, or navy, each one gives 7F guests a place to relax, get cozy, and warm up from the cold weather. Here’s a little peak at the special hot tubs in each of our beautiful cabins:


Hill Country: Our Hill Country cabin is one of the only two with an outdoor hot tub, the perfect steamy getaway for a cold winter day.



Spain: Spain’s hot tub is especially unique because it is in the shape of a triangle. There is even a rumor that this is the most comfortable style for two people to sit in! Is it true? Why don’t you come find out for yourself!

M Kellett Sullys and Pavilion Oct 08 003
Mexico: The Mexico cabin’s hot tub is great for a romantic weekend. With the heart shape and red color, what better place to spend a night with a loved one?

M Kellett Sullys and Pavilion Oct 08 003
Batts Ferry: This white circular hot tub set in the middle of a wooden water cistern goes perfectly with Batts Ferry’s charming design. I think it is the perfect addition to this modern log cabin!

M Kellett Sullys and Pavilion Oct 08 006

Sugar Shack: Sugar Shack’s oversized black Jacuzzi tub makes a great resting spot after jamming out on the Blues guitar.

house of blues 017

Sully’s Place: After dancing the night away on the dance floor in Sully’s cabin, guests can step out on the porch and relax in this beautiful outdoor heart-shaped hot tub.


France: France’s hot tub is truly magical. It may not look like it from the picture, but spend a night here and you’ll see that this elegant tub is positioned in an alcove with a gorgeous star-studded ceiling above it. What better way to spend a night than under the stars?

M Kellett Sullys and Pavilion Oct 08 002

The Barn: Lastly, there’s the Barn, whose distinct hot tub is set behind burlap drapes, fitting for this western-themed cabin. But this isn’t the only place for bathing in this cabin! Step onto the porch and there is also a private outdoor shower, secluded of course!

M Kellett Sullys and Pavilion Oct 08 002


Whether you call it a jacuzzi, hot tub, bathtub, or whirpool, 7F Lodge has its fair share of unique tubs to help guests relax and rejuvenate. Just add some chocolate covered strawberries and champagne, and you’ve got the perfect date!

-Katie Morris