paths.collage7F Lodge has so many wonderful qualities, from its secluded Chapel and cabins to the loving care put into the décor and maintenance of the property by the housekeepers. By far one of my favorite features, and one that I think is not celebrated enough, is the network of trails connecting the Chapel, Ice House, and various cabins.

These paths are maintained by the staff; we walk the trails at least once a week to remove any trash or branches that would diminish the natural beauty of our central Texas getaway. No matter what the weather, these trails are a lovely place to stroll, either solo or with a lover. The peaceful air and solitude of 7F makes it easy to forget you’re only a ten minute drive from one of the largest (and best) universities in the world.

Along these walking trails, you might see birds and wildlife, like deer, possum, or bunnies, native to this region of Texas, especially around dawn and dusk. You’ll likely also have an encounter with Sadie, the friendly cat who thinks she owns the property and can usually be found lazing on the front porch of the office.bougainvillea3

Nature is something that is cultivated and respected at 7F. Flowering wisteria engulfs the entrance to the Pavilion in the spring, providing a beautiful backdrop for photographs and a home for butterflies and hummingbirds. Cacti blossom shyly on the porches of several cabins. Roses and other flowering beauties can be found all around the Chapel, filling that space with riots of color that only add to the beauty and serenity of that space.

10847589_734741676624672_1436473976809948604_o Whether you’re here for a wedding, an anniversary, a weekend getaway, or just a solo trip, take a few minutes to walk the trails, breathing in peace and taking love away from the experience. Because that is what 7F is all about: love. Pure and simple, sweet like the scent of a rose, yet as radiant and beautiful as a sunrise after rain. Here, we know one simple truth, and aspire to let it permeate everything we do—from gardening to laundry, blog-writing to taking reservations, and that truth is the LOVE SAVES LIVES.


Dani Manley, 7F Social Media Intern