The guests that are lucky enough to stay at 7F Lodge know that they’ve found a little bit of heaven on earth. The place is great, the customer service is great and to top it off, the food is great! So, in this blog I want to talk about not the guests, but the residents.

I know, sounds weird…what residents? Well, we have one adorable kitty cat named Sadie, and a beautiful Cardinal named, well, some call him Charlie but we haven’t gotten that far yet.

Let’s start with Sadie:

Sadie is a full grown, orange tabby cat that can be sneaky at times. Yet, you can’t seem to scold her because she will look at you with those big, gorgeous eyes and make you wonder why you were mad in the first place. A normal day in Sadie’s life, consists of eating her delicious  food, napping a billion times, and meowing at anyone she sees. Sadie makes it her mission to get to know the guests that stay at 7F Lodge. We know because she is mentioned several times in all journals. Yeah, she’s pretty popular! Actually, I am kind of jealous of Sadie’s life; as anyone would be when told about her daily schedule. Her only job is to look adorable and wander the property as she pleases. Now, don’t misunderstand, she will not bother you while you enjoy your stay with us. She is friendly and she knows when her company is wanted and when it is not. Also, she’s not allowed in the rooms. And, please don’t feed her. We don’t want her losing her girlish figure.

Now, the little red bird:

There is a Cardinal that “hangs out” on our property and he’s a tad bit more than just a bird that sings throughout the day. This cardinal has become special to 7F Lodge because he also carries “Love Saves Lives” as his mantra. Let me explain. I mentioned above that guests have written about Sadie in our journals, well, this bird is even more popular than Sadie (Gasp!). He has found a home near one of our cabins, France. Most of the journal entries that mention this Cardinal say something along the lines of, “loved waking up to a small beautiful bird pecking at our window”. And although some guest appreciate the natural beauty of this bird, some prefer to sleep in (which is also totally fine!). However, those who see this Cardinal as more than just a bird, have found a certain joy in its presence. Some guests describes finding comfort in knowing that every time they visit France, they can count on the “red bird” pecking at their window. I can’t confirm that it is the same bird every time, but it sounds about right! Why don’t you come visit France and find out?


These two proud residents of 7F Lodge adds to the splendor of this place. Truly a retreat like no other, where the only thing you hate about it, is that you have to leave. Unless you’re Sadie or the Little Red Bird, of course.