Most people first recognize 7F Lodge as a wedding venue and yes we do host lots of weddings, but what they don’t know is that we also host a variety of special events every year. 7F is a wonderful setting for business meetings, retreats, company picnics, private parties, and receptions. We have been told our facility is a perfect place … Read More

7F Lodge shares so much love to the Brazos Valley, changing the world one night at a time! How might we do that people may ask? Well I’m here to tell you it starts with our wonderful staff’s dedication and hard work. They work behind the scenes to have everything ready before guests arrive. Donna calls it “superior service without … Read More

The nature surrounding 7F Lodge is like no other. Something you can’t buy, create, or replicate. Sure, we plant roses by the chapel,but season after season we have noticed the most beautiful floral on the property creates a life of its own. When Donna and Phillip bought the property from the original owner back in 2007, Carol had mentioned to … Read More

Since all of the cabins here at 7F Lodge have unique stories and traditions, I decided to share some about our cabin of the month! From what used to be two old tenant farmer houses, 7F created the Sugar Shack. The Sugar Shack was the 5th cabin built on the property with the idea of creating an exclusive getaway with … Read More

Ol’ Sully’s adventures all began one afternoon while I was reading journals in Sully’s Place. On top of a bookshelf I noticed a Texas A&M garden gnome overlooking the room. I thought he was too cute to be cooped up in one of our cabins so I decided to take a picture of him and share it with our fans … Read More