Eilene & Paulie

DSC00705Eilene and Paulie met through work, where both participated in the company co-ed softball and kickball teams. The two had never spoken until a company gathering on a hot St. Patrick’s Day in 2016. Eilene gives the drinks the credit for Paulie’s finally approaching her. The two began talking and a couple weeks later they went on their first date. Eilene was so giddy with excitement after this first bit of shared time that she immediately called her sister, telling her that this guy was definitely something different.

Fast forward a year: it is the night before Eilene is to travel to League City to take the tests that will determine if she is a match to donate a kidney to her mother. Nervous and unable to sleep, it was past midnight. Paulie had _20170609_162458been awake with her and having gotten out of bed to go to the bathroom, left the lights on. Confused, Eilene looked to find Paulie on one knee. His proposal was full of love for her and her girls, as well as for her family. He assured her that she would be the match for her mom and that they would both come through the surgery well. Paulie asked the question and Eilene, of course. said yes on September 19, 2017.

Over the course of the next six months, the couple planned their wedding at 7F. Eilene was the match for her mom and donated a kidney on January 9, 2018. Both she and her mom are recovering very well.

A funny moment in the wedding process came about as the result of the kidney donation. Eilene said,

“I looked pregnant when I picked up my dress after alterations and this was also after surgery. My tummy was still full of the gas they give you when they put you under. So, I looked like a pregnant bride, even at my bridal shower. We kept making a joke that it should have been called a baby shower.”

The wedding took place on March 3, 2018. With their friends and family around them, Eilene and Paulie pledged their lives and hearts to each other.

eilene & paulie dancingEilene and Paulie have deferred their honeymoon for the present, waiting until Eilene finds a new job and they have built up some funds. Their hope is to find a bed and breakfast somewhere in either Vermont or Massachusetts. Sounds dreamy.

Congratulations to Eilene and Paulie! We wish you all the best.





Cake: Bridget Thomas

Dress: David Bridal

Tux: Cavendars Boot City

Photographer: Prophoto

Caterer: David Huck

DJ: Nick Catalina

Bartender: Kayla Huck

Candy Bar: Stephanie Perez

Coordinator: Emily Richard

Decorator: Desiree Adame