Month: August 2014

This isn’t a goodbye, only a “See you later”!

When I first started with 7F Lodge, I never imagined that the day I would have to leave would make me so emotional. Nowadays, you rarely see people LOVE their jobs and literally not want to leave because of the


Just can’t get enough of that Brazos Muffin!

More cabin stuff! Yeah, as if we don’t talk about the cabins enough… As my time as an intern here at 7F Lodge comes to an end, I’ve decided to spend my last days reading journals.  All in the hopes


There’s more to these cabins than you think…

  In addition to being super romantic and cute, each cabin at 7F Lodge holds either a tradition or a unique story behind them. For those who are “7F regulars”, y’all already know what I’m about to write! For those